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Blessed McGivney with a “Priest’s Face,” the Wrath of the Lamb’s Love, 31 essays on St. Paul of the Cross by Amy Knight, more music from Phil Fleming, and more artwork by Taryn Watkins.

I’ve added some things to the website (maybe I’ll do this every couple months). There is an essay I wrote on our newest American Blessed: “It was said that Blessed Michael McGivney had a ‘Priest’s Face.'” Also one on some words of the Tome of St. Leo the Great on Christology: “The Harmonious Interworking of the Form of God and the Form of a Servant in the One Person of Jesus Christ.”

Here’s a link to a video of a homily I gave on the “Wrath of the Lamb’s Love” (about 8 minutes into the livestreamed Mass for 11/24/2020). It explores the almost paradoxical “wrath of the Lamb” (Rev 6:16) in the Book of Revelation as an expression of the love of God, the God who is all Love. Preaching it felt a little hot to the touch…

Amy Knight kindly contributed a couple more insightful reflections, for a total of 31 reflections on St. Paul of the Cross. She choose that number so one could read an essay daily for a month. With the cold months ahead of us, how better to warm up than with a month of drawing close to the Fire with St. Paul of the Cross! Thank you, Amy!

Philip Fleming is “in the zone” with creating new music and has contributed a few more songs. These include “Hidden in My Soul” and “The Sheer Grace.” These are inspired by St. John of the Cross, who himself put his poetry to musical settings from his own day. I feel Phil gives us a taste of what it would be like to hear John of the Cross sing to the Lord a new song! Thank you, Phil!

Taryn Watkins also graciously blessed us by contributing some more paintings: 21 about the Carthusians, “Our Lady of Tenderness,” and “Through the Belly of the Fish, or a Dark Night.” This last painting is one of my favorites of hers; it captures so much as it draws you into the transformation. She’s also included another Poem and a reflection on “I saw a sign in the sky.” Thanks, Taryn!

At St. Mary’s church in New Haven, CT, we had a 48-hour prayer vigil surrounding the recent beatification of Fr. Michael McGivney. His tomb is in the back of our church. This beautiful–and newly renovated–church is quickly becoming my favorite place to pray. Come and make a pilgrimage and visit the tomb of America’s newest beatus! A grace-filled Advent to everyone. Lo, He comes!

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