Amy Knight is a wife and mother of five children. She gives leadership to East Bay Prayer Furnace, a ministry devoted to building day and night prayer for the worthiness of Jesus. She has a graduate certificate with formation in Spiritual Theology from Avila Institute, as well as a BS in Civil Engineering. She enjoys solitude, pray-reading the Holy scriptures as well as holy books on prayer written by Saints. Currently she is delving into the riches of the letters written by Saint Paul of the Cross who founded the Order of the Passionists.

  1. Life of Christ in us through the infused virtues and death to self

2. The “Overcoming” Spirit we have been given

3. Transformed by love: meditation to contemplation

4. Mystical death as leading to a fullness of Christ’s life in us

5. Holy indifference and the surety of Divine Love’s fruitfulness

6. Seasons of Anonymity

7. The highest place of encounter is beyond the sense realm

8. The transition from meditation to contemplation

9. Searching for the Lord within, in the hidden place of contact

10. Our plans falter so we’ll become detached from all else but God

11. “Eating the scroll” and burning with love

12. Preparing our heart for the coming King

13. Overcoming fears

14. Entering the cleft of the Rock, Jesus’ wounded side

15. Humbling oneself like a little child

16. If we don’t quit, we win

17. True spiritual riches are in the secret place with God

18. Following the way set out before us, the way of the Cross

19. The daily bread of the Word

20. Who would choose the clamor of the world over quiet and intimate conversing with the Lord?

21. What do I need to become detached from to be more attached to the Lord?

22. Lovesick for the beautiful Bridegroom God

23. Loving and emptying for a fuller coming of the Spirit

24. The Lord overcomes the world to be with us in intimacy

25. The desire to deeply know and to be deeply known

26. Hastening the coming of the Lord, with a readied Bride

27. Flights of the spirit

28. Internal Solitude and Selflessness

29. Meditation on the Passion of Christ is the quickest way up the mountain unto Union With God

30. Swept up in the Trinity’s Circle of Love

31. The Wine Cellar of Jesus’ Heart and a Share in His Chalice

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