All Saints: The Praise of Triune Glory (Benedict XVI)

The Mysticism of Saint Ignatius of Antioch (Ignatius of Antioch)

An Increasing Hunger and Satisfaction for the Bread of Life (Ignatius of Antioch)

God Still Speaks and Acts Today (Conchita)

Bl. Conchita on Jesus’ Gaze of Love (Conchita)

Bl. Conchita and the Word Vibrating in our Souls (Conchita)

Conference 1 on Bl. Conchita: “The Divine Word is Pursuing You” (Conchita)

Conference 2 on Bl. Conchita: “The Cross Will Be Loved Through the Reign of the Holy Spirit” (Conchita)

Ven. Luis Martinez and Gazing Upon the Father (Martinez)

Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, and the Self-Gift of God (Athanasius)

St. Augustine on Love of Neighbor and of the Trinity (Augustine)

The Holy Spirit and Our Longing for God (Augustine)

Humility and the Freedom of the Children of God (Dante)

The Joy of Jesus and the Martyrs (Ephrem)

The Glorious Wounds of Jesus and Divine Mercy (Faustina)

“I AM” and the Mystery of Love (Gregory of Nazianzus)

The Exalted Dignity of the Priesthood in St. Gregory of Nazianzus’ Oration 2 (Gregory of Nazianzus)

Coming up Against Eternity and Eternity Entering into our Lives (Hilary of Poitiers)

God’s Infinite Wisdom and the Cross we Bear (John Damascene)

St. John Paul II and Pastoral Ministry as a Gift (John Paul II)

All are Alive to Him” and Chastity for the Sake of the Kingdom (John Paul II)

Where your Heart is: Desire and Eternity (John Vianney)

The Drop of Morning Dew and Gifts of the Spirit (Julian of Norwich)

Saint Padre Pio and the Battle Against the Flesh, World, and Devil (Padre Pio)

The Fruitfulness of St Paul’s Conversion in Ss. Timothy and Titus (Paul of Tarsus)

It was said that Blessed Michael McGivney had a “Priest’s Face” (Michael McGivney)

The Harmonious Interworking of the Form of God and the Form of a Servant in the one Person of Jesus Christ (Leo the Great)

The Superabundance of God’s Grace, Ephesians 1-3 (Paul of the Cross)

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