The Sound of Silence in the Dark

Jim Miller

Hello Jesus my old friend its sure good to see you again.

I’ve been wondering in this darkest night; grasping, groping, looking for the light.

All the while you are there; present without a word for none is heard

and you only offer the sound of silence.

Even though you are there, present and waiting for me

in the tabernacle, where you dwell for me

or on display for all of us to Adore!

You remain silent…

Gleaming bright and brilliant illuminated like the Son you are…

My soul in its depth cries out for you…

There is little more that I can do there

in your silence you rebound my cries.

And there is I find the still but deafening…

 sound of silence.

Your love my Lord Jesus is an all-consuming

blackhole that nothing can escape;

not light, nor sound, nor even love.

You are beyond all imagination

or our feeble conceptions of creation.

You who are the deafening sound of silence

that pierces my soul with your eternal flame of love

and as I think the dark is lifting you plunge me deeper

as I grow closer to you.

For I must release all and everything

to be able to embrace you

without any expectation and then I hear your voice

 in the sound of darkest silence.

I am illuminated.

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