I Am Not An Eagle by Phil Fleming, Inspired by prayers of St Therese

I am not an eagle, who soars on Your lofty heights
I’m just a little bird, so feeble and weak…
No, I’m not an eagle, but I have an eagle’s heart
And I dare to gaze, on the Sun of Love, and I burn to fly to You, my God !

I am not trusting in my merits, I have none
I trust in You, who are Holiness itself
Humble and little in Your arms, my Father
Boldly confident in Your love and mercy !

It is You alone, pleased with my weak and feeble efforts,
You will raise me to Yourself, and make me a saint !
Clothing me with Your holiness, with the merits of Jesus,
O Divine Eagle, my confidence is in You !

And so I remain here, gazing on Jesus
Nothing can frighten me – wind, rain, or darkness
Beyond the dark clouds, Your love shines always,
The splendor of God cannot be eclipsed !

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